High Flying Stunt Plane checks

They climb straight for the sun then dive earthward. Looping and streaking across the sky, these stunt planes are trailed by a thick plume of exhaust. Vivid photos show the action on this high flying check set.

Stunt Planes checks

Thick white smoke traces their path in the sky. These stunt planes perform jaw-dropping aerobatics. Four different photos of these agile aircraft are printed on the checks.

Air Force checks

Air Force pilots and the finest military jets exemplify American dominance in the sky. This check set is stamped with emblem of the USAF.

High Tech Air Force checks

They move like silent shadows. The stealth aircraft of today’s Air Force are sleek and swift.

USAF checks

Photos of Air Force power in action will inspire all. Family and servicemen can salute the USAF with each transaction.

Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser checks

Piper produced the Super Cruiser in the late 1940s. Thousands still fly in North America. A pair of these sturdy light aircraft once flew around the world.

Spirit of St. Louis checks

The first to cross the Atlantic. Lindbergh guided the Spirit of St. Louis from America to Europe. The famous plane flies across a perfect blue sky.

Oshkosh checks

Oshkosh Wisconsin hosts the most well known air shows. The check series features vintage, home built and experimental aircraft in eight separate images.

RV-3 checks

The strong, simple profile of the RV-3 is framed by a blue sky. The one-seat aircraft is one of the most popular kit planes.

The Voyager checks

This amazing aircraft circled the globe! Gracefully gliding across the sky, the high tech bird soars miles above the earth.

Blue Angels checks

They are the pride of the Navy. The Blue Angels embody precision and power. The jets fly in formation on these custom checks.

Choppers checks

The images on these checks will put you on the battlefield. Feel the wind from these awesome machines! Hear the thumping from their gigantic rotors.

Air Force Today checks

These checks showcase impressive in American technology. Stealth planes and futuristic fighters. These Checks proudly feature the Air Force Association logo.

Air Force Modern Classics checks

Share these stirring photos of our airborne military. Fighter Jets and Bombers are pictured. Each check bears the Air Force Association logo.

Warbirds checks

Props purr. Jet engines whine. Photographs of eight glorious military aircraft make up this special set of custom checks.

Cunningham-Hall PT-6F checks

This majestic silver toned biplane is pictured on its way to make a delivery. The PT6 was known for its all metal construction. The 6F was a first class cargo plane.

Great Lakes checks

Beneath the fabric, real spruce wing spars lift this magnificent machine skyward. Aviation enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty of this historic airplane.

Taperwing Waco checks

The WACO Taperwing was a barnstorming classic. The air-racing biplane is pictured in flight against a clear blue sky. Share your passion for vintage aircraft with these distinctive custom checks,