Guitars checks

Show’em you carry a six string. Pictured on these checks are the classic Strat, and the solid-body Les Paul. There’s also an acoustic beauty and a view from the bridge.

Pianos checks

Ain’t it grand? With 88 keys and 7 octaves, these instruments have expressed the musical genius of artists from Beethoven to Jerry Lee. These checks say, “I’m a piano man!”

Drums checks

The tight skin of the snare drum shouts a rhythm. Hi-hats shuffle and cymbals crash. Steady sticks keep the beat. Tap your pen and make payments with these special checks.

Shades of the Southwest checks

There’s a region where Texas and Arizona melt into Mexico. The mix of the American frontier, Spanish and native culture are not found anywhere else in the world. Southwest food and art represent a unique blend of several customs and traditions. Four distinctly Southwestern designs are displayed on these checks.

Money checks

Crisp and new, Stacks of Hundreds and Fifties are fanned out in four photos on this check set. It’s all about the Benjamins, (and the Grants!)

Aztec Legends checks

Powerful art depicts a rich culture. The Aztec civilization thrived for centuries. Celebrate the time before Cortez and the conquistadors. Use these artistic checks for purchases and payments.

Chess checks

Check. Mate. Be a move ahead. Photos show a row of pawns, a battle on the board, and captured kings. These are the checks for those who play the Royal Game.

Tool Shop checks

The graphic on these checks is the familiar diamond plate pattern. The edges are beveled and the metallic tone alternates between gold and silver.

Chiseled Stone checks

The rock hard pattern on these checks features four different color highlights. The design is simple and dignified.

Skulls checks

It’s a modern take on the traditional Jolly Roger. The colorful pattern of skulls on these checks shows you sense of humor and individualist spirit.

Pizza checks

Whether from Naples, Chicago or New York, pizza is the world’s perfect food. Gooey and delicious, it’s a slice of heaven. Sign your name, then get some lunch!

Slate checks

The solid strength of grey slate is accented with black and silver. This check set contains a singular design. The perfect balance of fine stone work is represented in a pattern of diamond tiles. Make a statement with each transaction.

Vintage checks

Express a strong and sophisticated personal style. The patterns etched onto these checks recall a past era. Four patterns and colored borders are rotated in this check set. Gleaming metallic inlays complete the classic look.

Platinum checks

Convey prosperity and independence. The unique graphic suggests the smooth surface of precious metal. A cool blue foreground is offset by a bold deep blue accent. This simple check set contains a single design.

Renaissance checks

A dark stripe borders the top and bottom. A masculine design is engraved in four rotating colors. A renaissance is a return to classic themes. These checks signal a return to manly confidence, freedom and style.

Ninja vs Samurai checks

They are revealed in silhouette against the Japanese sun. The powerful illustrations honor these two legends. The silent and stealthy Ninja meets the Samurai warrior in four images on this check set inspired by Japanese fighters.

Diamond Plate checks

When is metal tougher than metal? Diamond Plate is as tough as it gets. You’ll be tempted to write these checks with a nail! Try a pen first.

Colt Classics checks

The famous Colt trademark appears in blue. Vintage revolvers recall a rich legacy of American firearms.

Pantera checks

Heavy metal artwork makes these the loudest checks allowed by law. Glance at the images and you’ll hear skin melting guitars and skull busting drums.

Lynyrd Skynyrd checks

Lynyrd Skynyrd introduced the world to Southern Rock. Four interpretations of the bands logo are printed on this check set. “Play it pretty for Atlanta!

KISS checks

You wanted the best and you got it! The hottest custom checks in the land, KISS! Eight checks in the set Four feature all the original members. Four show solo photos of The Cat, The Demon, The Spaceman and The Starchild.

Jimi Hendrix checks

The legendary guitarist is immortalized in album cover art. “Are You Experienced?” “Band of Gypsies” “Axis: Bold as Love” and “Electric Ladyland

Skullies checks

We’re all the same on the inside! The skull and crossbone patterns reflect your buccaneer spirit. These checks come in four different colors.

Motley Crue checks

Vince Neal, Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx and Mick Mars. The Crue has kept rocking for three decades! The boys pose with the same rock star swagger they had in ’81.

The Three Stooges checks

Why I oughta…” Larry Moe and Curly star in four memorable scenes from their zany films. Oh, a wise guy. Nyuk nyuk.