Superman checks

This check set features four interpretations of the iconic Superman logo. The capital “S” in its diamond outline is the familiar calling card of the son of Krypton. Outrun a speeding bullet. Pick a fight with a locomotive. Take a flying leap. Then, write a check to your physical therapist!

Taz checks

He¬ís the toughest cartoon ever drawn. Warner Brothers’ version of the Tasmanian Devil can hold his own with Bugs and the gang. Taz has unending energy and an insatiable appetite. Does that remind you of someone? These checks have four rotating images.

DC Super Heroes checks

Four pillars of the DC Comics empire make this check set a must have for Super Hero fans. The Man of Steel, The Black Knight, The King of Atlantis and The Scarlet Speedster are shown as they appear on the pages of DC Comics.