POW/MIA checks

The familiar graphic and sacred pledge assures, “You are not Forgotten.” Select these checks in recognition of our heroes who endured captivity in wartime and those who did not return.

The Wall checks

A proud American salutes his brothers in arms at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Acknowledge their service and sacrifice. Choosing these checks communicates you pride and gratitude.

Blackhawk Choppers checks

These military birds are used to get soldiers to the point of attack. Four stirring images are displayed on this impressive check set.

Navy checks

A battleship and frigate travel in tandem. The stately insignia of the US Navy honors veterans and active–duty sailors.

Army checks

Alert eyes peer through the sights of his weapon. A lone warrior is on patrol. The insignia of the US Army in displayed to the left of this inspirational photo.

Humvees checks

Our military’s all purpose vehicle is photographed on its tour of duty. Four pictures show the Humvee transporting and protecting soldiers on the battlefield and the airstrip.

Marines checks

Semper Fidelis. The emblem of The Marine Corps is displayed in the left corner of these checks. Pictured standing proudly in dress uniform is a line of Marines. Oorah!

Confederate Generals checks

Southern legends Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee are featured on this two picture check set.

The North checks

Musket balls fly across the battlefield. Mounted soldiers march bravely into combat. The paintings on these checks capture the courage of the Union troops.

Union Generals checks

This two check set features Union Generals Custer and Grant. Salute the Union forces and their Victory in the Civil War.

Armored Vehicles checks

Swiveling gun decks. Anti aircraft guns. Heavy metal tracks propel these fortresses across the battlefield.

Civil War checks

Four portraits depict the legends of the Civil War. Two images portray the South and another two show the leaders of the North.

POW checks

Honor brave Americans with the Bald Eagle and our Star Spangled Banner. Demonstrate your gratitude to these servicemen with the display of the POW/MIA emblem.

Anchors Aweigh - USS Seattle AOE checks

The USS Seattle is always right on time delivering food and supplies to our Navy around the world. The AOE designation means this ship has the speed to run with the fastest combat vessels. The ship is pictured cutting through blue waters to complete another mission.

Vietnam Veterans of America Memorial Wall checks

A flag is planted in front of this solemn memorial. This powerful image is supplied by the Vietnam Veterans of America.

Vietnam Veterans of America Flag checks

A proud bald eagle stands before the flowing Stars and Stripes. These checks bear the logo of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Show your patriotism by choosing mailing labels, message cards or a checkbook cover as well.

Civil War Preservation Trust checks

The Civil War Preservation Trust works to maintain the historic site of America’s Civil War. This set of checks includes six inspiring photos of memorials and preserved battlefield locations.

Vietnam Veterans of America POW/MIA checks

Salute the brave Americans who survived captivity and the heroes who did not return. The Vietnam Veterans of America have prepared these custom checks featuring the well-known POW/MIA insignia.

Air Force Classics checks

This inspiring set features four stirring images of vintage American military aircraft. The distinctive logo of the Air Force Association indicates your support of our military heroes.